Prophecy — I walked into the heavenly geographical regions.

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  • October 12, 2019

As I used to be praying one night the lord gave me an imaginative and prescient. It was a
Revelatory download to me. Jesus in john 14:26 tells us that the holy
Spirit will educate us all things. He does this by and large thru the
Written word however additionally via revelatory encounters with himself.

PermitMe say that anything is spiritually downloaded from the lord will
Continually be showed by way of the scriptures and in no way usurp itself above
Them. In acts 2:17 peter the apostle says inside the ultimate days’ god will
Pour out his spirit and that people will enjoy goals, visions
And release of the prophetic request a Prophecy 

On this evening I was sitting in a chair in our residing room with my bible
On my lap. As I was communing with the lord all at once my spirit
Entered a very beautiful constructing. It had a big protected entry way. It
Had stunning marble flooring with embossed designs in it  masses of flora
Grew there. A few were in packing containers and others grew in gardens
Bordering the walls.

Earlier than me have been 3 openings or portals. The
Frames of these three portals had been ornately carved overlaid with
Something like ivory but pure white. The 3 openings greeted me
As I arrived inside the entry vicinity. There had been additionally stunning furniture
There. Cute chairs, sofas and wall hangings. I handiest saw one being
There, and he changed into angelic in appearance and became sitting in a chair on
The left. We didn’t talk in any respect but his smile was very
Welcoming. The surroundings were colorful and saturated with god’s
Presence. This vicinity brought instantaneous clean. Radiant glory
Flowed via thisEnvironment and existed in each created component
Whether dwelling or in substance shape. The ground contained this
Presence. The columns, the vegetation the paintings, in reality
The entirety there replied to and contained a measure of this glory.

I knew that the three openings immediately in front of me have been very
Vital. i call those openings portals in preference to doors because
They didn’t have a door on hinges or a take care of. they were open
Entrances with arched Gothic fashion framing. I may want to effortlessly see intone
Realm past. I’ve tried to paint this scene at the front
Cowl of this book even though that photo work isn’t always in detail. The
First rate aspect about these portals is that each of them has an
Intelligent security barrier of energy throughout the actual establishing.
Power like electric discharges became arcing throughout the openings. At
This factor in the vision the holy spirit become communicating with me.
His voice was very clean and that I may want to listen him internal of me instructing
Me. he informed me thatches 3 portals were the doorway into the
King’s treasury. He assured me that I could undergo those portals
And retrieve something I needed. Through these portals I ought to see
Chests overflowing with precious gems, gold, and silver. Allow me
To Explain about those unique treasures before taking place.

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